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white bathtub installed in Issaquah, WAWhen you have a plumbing problem in your home, you want to call Issaquah, the Puget Sound Plumbing Heating plumbing company with the fast and affordable solution no matter what time of day or night it is. We're available twenty four hours and our trucks are fully stocked with new replacement parts and manned by the very best plumbers in the business.

 Pine Lake and Preston residents know the truth, too. These Issaquah plumbers know their job thoroughly and can solve any plumbing problem quickly and without causing you any more stress than you have already had to deal with. When your home is in danger during a plumbing emergency you want a plumber who has the confidence and know how to solve problems. Our trucks have the parts and equipment and our plumbers have the experience to handle any job large or small.

An Issaquah plumber can also handle an installation or routine repair for you any time. Each of our plumbers is required to maintain a working knowledge of any new construction techniques being used in our community to aid them while doing installations or renovations. To schedule an appointment for any routine work or a consultation about a new building project call Puget Sound Plumbing Heating for quality Issaquah plumbing.

Tips & Hints

Here in Issaquah, we believe the principles behind a good business have to do with your customers being able to trust you. We also have found that there are some things home and business owners can do to help prevent, maintain, and tips to know about their plumbing. Thus, part of being able to trust our company we realize we should provide you with this information so that you can possibly prevent or fix the issues that arise yourself, keeping more green in your wallet. Some of these tips include:

  • Watch out for unlicensed, uninsured fly-by-night company that may not be in business when you need to locate them later.
  • Leaking Toilet: If you've got a leak between the bowl and of a bowl-mounted tank, try tightening the bolts on the inside of the tank. You can also remove them and replace their gaskets. If your toilet has a wall-mounted tank, tighten the couplings on the pipe running between the bowl and tank.
  • Noisy Toilet: Check for: Restricted water flow, Defective ball cock assembly.
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